about Polish Pottery

Polish pottery is a traditional stoneware made for centuries in Boleslawiec (Bunzlau) - town in the south-western part of Poland. The pottery is carefully hand made, hand painted and glazed. It is fired twice at 1200°C/ 2192°F 

All pieces are safe to use in the oven, microwave and a dishwasher.

The paints are lead and cadmium free. The pottery is easy to clean up.

What makes the pottery unique is the clay it is made of - found exclusively in the region, and the long process of hand shaping, hand decorating using stamps and brushes, hand glazing and firing two times at different stages of that process. The high temperature causes the water to evaporate from the clay which makes the product stronger and more durable. It also prevents it from heating up in a microwave oven (microwaves make the water particles hot - here there are very few).

Because the paints are under the glazing, they do not fade or brush off. The products stay looking great for a very long time. They are not prone to chipping or cracking. Some scratches can show if sharp objects are used on them (knives).

All pieces are unique and within the same pattern they can show slight differences in colour shades or distribution of pattern. However, talented artist do their best spending long hours decorating, making sure that the pottery sustain their very precisely developed patterns.

Sometimes it can happen that in the glazing some very small bubbles or dots are visible. This does not influence the quality or resistance of the product.

The prices reflect the amount of work needed to paint an item - the more intricate a design the more expensive. 


The pottery is great to mix and match as majority of patterns have some level of cobalt colour that brings them together. You can hardly go wrong when choosing your sets!

Through traditional patterns, unique, super unique and artistic to modern, “cool” and hype” or even white – everyone will find something to their taste.

Use it every day to enjoy its beauty and uniqueness. From cooking through serving to eating and drinking – the pottery will be with you throughout the day. Enjoy it!

The pottery is not ment to be used on direct heat (gas hub, induction plate)

It is not ment to be transferred from a fridge direct into a hot oven